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How to Get Your Guests to Market Your Airbnb for You



Since the dawn of the Smartphone, basically everything is documented with photos and videos, be it our food, our cute cat, our shoes, that cool leaf that fell on the floor while we were walking our dog, you name it – it’s got a photo on Instagram or FB (depending on how old you are) somewhere.

It’s a fact – People love taking photos of cool and interesting things, and your Airbnb should be one of them.

If your Airbnb happens to have amazing panoramic views then you’re in luck, decor can be kept to a minimum and in good taste and you’re sure to have an easier time getting your place booked.

However, if your Airbnb is not in an outstanding location or has beautiful views, then you’re going to need to rely on how your Airbnb looks in order to draw in those bookings.

Firstly I recommend you start with making sure you aren’t committing some Airbnb decor mistakes, so check out The 7 Sins of Airbnb Decor that could be Hurting you.


If your place could use a facelift, but you don’t have the budget for a full-blown makeover, choose one area that will be Instagram worthy.

Affiliate Disclaimer: These products contain Affiliate links. If you buy through these links I will receive a small commission (at no extra cost for you) and you get to create beautiful spaces that will attract more guests.

Is it a gorgeous headboard that people will want to write home about?

image 0

Is it a huge world map that your guests can interact with and pin what country they are from?

image 0

Or perhaps a bold and funky wallpaper in the dining area?

image 0
image 0
I’m loving this color in wallpaper – perfect for to keep kids and even adults busy
image 0

There are many ways you can create unique and special areas that will make your guests say WOW, so if you’re looking for more inspiration be sure to follow my Airbnb Instagram worthy Ideas Pinterest board.

You can also get your vacation rental Instagram ready with my upcoming The Irresistible Listing ebook that will help you create drool worthy spaces that will sell themselves and help you attract more interest to your Airbnb.


Don’t forget to encourage guests to tag your vacation rental listing by displaying your social media info with these cute printable signs.

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