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How to Create Airbnb Bedrooms People Will Want to Book



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Your Airbnb bedroom photos (and actual space of course) need to look amazing.

Why? Because in the age of visual over-stimulation you have only a few seconds to stand out from the crowd and catch a scrolling guests eye.

Want to know the key to getting more bookings?

HAVE AWESOME LISTING PHOTOS! and if you’re taking photos yourself then I highly recommend you use photo presets like these.

Obviously having great listing photos means your Airbnb decor has to be good. Below are 5 Airbnb decor tips you can do on a budget.

#1 Think BIG

When it comes to creating bedrooms that look amazing and photograph even more amazing, you need to think BIG. Especially if you’re decorating your airbnb on a budget, using big items such as artwork, wallpaper or a large dominant headboard will go a long way in creating a focal point to the room, letting you save money on having to accessorize the rest of the space.

In the photo below the room is dominated by the impressive floor to wall “headboard”.

#2 Make your bed right with white

Remember that the main function of an Airbnb is for sleep so you’re going to want to have amazing mattresses that guests will rave about in their reviews.

But this post is about making a room LOOK amazing so if you’re debating what color sheets should you use for your Airbnb, then my answer will always be WHITE!

White bed sheets are associated with hotels, and you want that feeling to show through in your photos.

#3 Pillows – 2 Per Guest

To truly create an Airbnb hotel style look you will need to make the bed with 2 pillows per person.

I recommend one soft pillow and one firm.

Be sure to check out the 5 Recommended Soft Pillows for your Airbnb.

#4 Comforter & Duvet Cover

Your duvet cover should be white and to achieve the best fit, look for a comforter that’s 2 inches wider and longer than your comforter.

#5 Decorative pillows, throw blankets and curtains

Last but not least, to make a room look appealing and cozy you need to add some textiles, this means some decorative throw pillows and a throw blank at the edge of the bed to create visual interest in photos.

Now the last thing a guest wants at the end of the day is to have to take off a million pillows just to get into bed, so you can keep it to a minimum of one long lumbar pillow or two square and one lumbar. Also you want to make sure they have a place to actually put these pillows, you can do this by putting a basket next to the bed (if there is space) or in the closet, otherwise they will just end up on the floor.

Looking for more bedroom inspiration? be sure to check out my Airbnb Decor Bedroom Inspiration Pinterest Board.

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