Guests who are looking for a fun weekend away will appreciate these great activities and amenities to enjoy without needing to leave your property.

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Outdoor Activities for your Vacation Rental

If you have an outdoor space, your guests will surely enjoy some of these ideas:

1. Look Up – Your guests can hunt for constellations with these star gazing equipment:

2. Now that Summer is almost here, you can let your guests enjoy a backyard water park with these safe options (I would not recommend getting a Slipn’Slide for fear of potential injury)

3. Obstacle Course – get bored kids moving with this fun American Ninja style activity course

4. Chill Time – As night falls your guests can enjoy a cool Summer’s eve with some BBQ grilling time.

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Indoor Activities for your Airbnb

If the weather doesn’t permit going outside, or if you don’t have a big outdoor space, here are some fun indoor activities ideas:

1. Your guests can enjoy a movie experience at home with this giant movie screen and projector:

2. Board Games are a great way to connect and have fun. Check out these top 10 recommended board games for under $25 you can add to your listing.

3. Garages make for a great game room which you can equip with these classic items:

4. Kids can get creative with this marble run activity:

Have you added staycation activities to your listing? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments!

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