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How to Avoid Bad Reviews



Managing guest expectations is really the key to getting good reviews and not having disappointed guests.

Let us see why with this Story Time!

Mom of 3 (2 preteens and a baby) is planning a trip and is looking for a 4 bedroom house.

Mom found a few great two-story houses that fit the bill and budget.

Some listings included a layout of the property and some did not. Mom was quickly able to see that the listings that did have the layout showed whether the master bedroom was located on the ground floor or on the next story up.

This is crucial and extremely useful information.

Imagine mom had booked a property without knowing the layout, only to arrive tired and exhausted from a 20-hour flight, to find that she couldn’t sleep in the master bedroom because it was downstairs and that meant she couldn’t be in a room next to baby.

By not providing a layout for your listing you are hurting your chances of getting bookings. Can you guess which Airbnb listings mom didn’t take a second look at?

The key to not getting a bad review is to manage guest expectations. Guests need to know what to expect so they can be prepared.

Can you imagine what kind of review a tired and cranky mom would leave if she didn’t know that the beautiful master bedroom (which is one of the reasons she chose the listing in the first place) would not be where she could sleep if she was traveling with a small baby?

Check out how you can easily add a layout image to your Airbnb listing, stay ahead of the competition and let your guests know exactly what they are getting when they book you.

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