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If you’ve been in the Short Term Rental business for a while then by this point you probably have a love/hate relationship with platforms such as Airbnb, VRBO, Homeaway, etc.

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Either you don’t like the way they usually side with the guest when issues come up, or you don’t like paying their fees, but to break away from them and create your own site many feel like an impossible feat to have to compete with these big platforms in search results.

Thankfully social media has made it easier than ever to direct guests to your own site and not have to rely on these 3rd party platforms.

Of course competing with the “big boys” takes some work, which is why I recommend you get started creating and improving your online presence with the Master your Online Presence for your Vacation Rentals workshop by Natascha Parm (be sure to grab your 5% discount for this workshop – YAEL5OFF), you have to hurry though because it’s super exclusive and has only 6 spots available (2 have already been booked) and registration closes Oct 7th, 2019 at midnight.

What do you think about breaking away from 3rd party booking platforms? Would you like to have complete control of bookings and communication? Do you feel like having your own online presence is too much work to compete? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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