Guests who are looking for a fun weekend away will appreciate these great outdoor activities they can enjoy without needing to leave the property.

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1. Guests can get competitive with these multi player games:

Click to buy this classic cornhole toss
or maybe they will like this 4 Player Ladder Toss

2. Get restless kids outdoor with these fun backyward activities:

Check out this Hide and Seek Scavenger card game
Who doesn’t love GIANT bubbles? Click to get this fun activity

3. Be a Ball-er host with these fun outdoor games:

4. Don’t let your guests be bored with these giant outdoor board game versions:

5. Help your guests enjoy the cooler summer evenings with these fun nighttime games:

Glow in the Dark Capture the Flag
Grab this cool Glow in the dark giant Jenga

With so many great outdoor activities available you can provide guests with great experiences without needing to leave your property.

Keep in mind when picking out outdoor activities for your listing, think: SAFETY FIRST!

Things like trampolines are indeed fun but can be a major safety issue for broken bones. Slip ‘n slides or water mats can also be a recipe for disaster so be sure to pick out activities that minimize risk for injury and double check your insurance to make sure you are sufficiently covered for all types of emergencies.

If you’re looking for fun indoor activities check out these top 10 recommended board games for under $25.

Do you have any outdoor activities in your listing? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments!

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