Whether you’ve just started out on Airbnb, or have owned a vacation rental for a while, you most likely started out by collecting random but cheap furniture and items to minimize your expenses.

Unfortunately this often results in rooms and spaces that don’t look cozy or appealing to guests in photos.

Without sugar coating it – what your Airbnb looks like will determine how many bookings you get.

Sure positive reviews will influence it too, but having a listing that looks awesome is the key and not your price point, seeing that it’s not how guests decide to book an Airbnb.

So what can you do?

Option 1:

Hire a decorator – while I’m a firm believer that this investment will give you a return in the long run, it’s usually not something that you may be able to afford if you’re just starting out.

Option 2:

Go on Pinterest or google and look at endless rooms and choices and be completely overwhelmed and not sure where to start, try to copy and yet it doesn’t look the same.

Option 3:

Get my new Airbnb Decor Guide which will teach you how to put together cozy spaces that photograph well and attract guests.

You’ll be surprised to learn that you don’t need a big budget to make a big impact on your vacation rental decor.

So if you’re struggling to get bookings and want to improve your Airbnb decor, my budget friendly and easy decorating formula included in the guide will help you quickly pull a room together and make it look more appealing to potential guests.

Yael Fuerst

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